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All it took was one glance.Now all I ask is one chance,To try to win your heart.Just give me a chance to start.I��ll show you it was meant to beʫ.To be together is our destiny�Ҷ���һ�����顣����Ҫ���ȫ�����Ǹ���һ��
A faithful friend is beyond price, and there is no weighing of his goodness.һ����ʵ���������������޼۵ġ� A friend is a gift, whose worth cannot be measured except by heart.������һ��ֻ������ȥ������ֵ����� A friend
A heart that loves is always young. �а�������Զ���ᡣ At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. ÿһ����ԡ�ڰ����е��˶���ʫ�ˡ� Brief is life, but love is long. ������̣���ȴ�೤�� Distance makes the hearts grow
Don��t waste your time on a man/woman, who isn��t willing to waste their time on you. ��ҪΪ��Щ��Ը�������ϻ���ʱ����˶��˷����ʱ�䡣 Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. ����ʹ�����Ŀ��ø����� I love you not becau