Ӣ������ Where there is love

A heart that loves is always young.�а�������Զ���ᡣ


But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored, and sorrows end.ֻҪ��һ�����㣬�װ����ˣ����е�ʧ����ź�������ɢ��


In love folly is always sweet.���������У���ɵ���������˸о�ʮ�����


Life is the flower for which love is the honey.�����绨���������ۡ�


Love is a fire which burns unseen.��������������ȼ�յĻ��档


Love is a light that never dims.����һյ�����谵�����ơ�


Love me little and love me long.���������������࣬�����쳤�ؾá�


Love never dies.��������������


May your love soar on the wings of a dove in flight.Ը��İ����ŷ���İ׸룬չ��߷ɡ�


No words are necessary between two loving hearts.�����మ����֮�䲻��Ҫ���