���ڸ�л��Ӣ�ĸ�Ծ��� Much appreciated

I cannot tell you how delighted I was with the beautiful birthday present you gave me.���޷���������յ������͵�Ư��������������Ƕ�ô���˷ܡ�


I can��t remember when I had a more pleasant time.�����Ҷȹ���������ʱ�⡣


I hope something will bring you to New York soon so that I can reciprocate your kindness.Ը������������ʱ����ŦԼ����ʹ���ܴ�л����ʢ�顣


I should like to express my gratitude for your kidness.���������ҵĺ����ʾ��л��


I should like to say how grateful i am.�ҽ���ʾ�����е�л�⡣